Sparse eyelashes or a loss of eyelash volume is a concern for many people, and because eyelashes play a key role in protecting the eye from debris, having full lashes may be more than simply a cosmetic issue.

A solution recommended by experts and offered at Medical Eye Associates is Latisse, the only FDA-approved product that has been clinically proven to improve the growth of eyelashes and the only one of its kind available as a prescription for eyelash growth.

Latisse eyelash growth treatment helps lengthen, thicken, and darken eyelashes. The experienced doctors at Medical Eye Associates can provide you with a complete understanding of the process.
On a daily basis, you will apply the medicated eyelash growth serum to the base of the eyelashes with an approved application device. Over the course of about two weeks, you can expect to appreciate the full results, and continue to see improvement as long as you continue your Latisse eyelash growth treatment.

Please note that if you are a contact lens wearer, it is important to remove your contact lenses prior to applying Latisse. Application directly to the skin or eye can create potential complications such as itchiness, redness, a darkening of the skin or iris, or loss of lash volume, which may resolve themselves after discontinuing the drug. Our doctors will instruct you on how to correctly apply this medication to minimize side effects.

Latisse is safe and effective when properly prescribed and used as directed. Some people should not use Latisse, such as those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, patients with certain eye infections, or patients who have recently undergone eye surgery.

To see if Latisse eyelash growth treatment is right for you, or to learn more about the procedure, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.